The Auditorium space types are areas for large meetings, presentations, and performances and demand special lighting for meeting the requirements of such events.

Dramatic lighting systems include front lighting, foot lighting, spot lights, follow spot lights, beam lights, and flood lights, which are controlled from a projection room/booth with manual and programmable lighting controls. Lighting systems should be flexible to accommodate various performance venues (e.g., lectures, plays, musical performances, etc.) in the Auditorium.

Front lighting is used mostly for visibility and color. It is also used to isolate an individual person or set piece. A floodlight produces a large, almost uncontrollable wash of light while a spotlight produces a small (8′ to 12′ diameter), highly controlled pool of light. Floodlights are generally used to light the backdrop while spotlights are used to light the actor. A light beam or beam of light is a narrow projection of light energy radiating from a source into a beam.

Foot lights are installed in both indoor and outdoor applications. They help us to get a clear vision to the entire portion where the fixtures are installed. These are also used as decorative section lightings.