The conference room design decides the theme of the conference. The popularity of a hotel or resort conference depends on the interior decoration of the conference room.

The organizers of a conference choose from the apt setting of a conference room that would suit the theme of their conference. So, the conference room design is very important as it adds weight and drama to the ambiance of the conference room.

The design of the conference room may have a very professional and practical touch or may have a relaxed atmosphere.

Both of these types suit the customers well according to the subject of the conference.
A well designed conference room helps in an effective, clear and dramatic communication of the ideas and comments. For a powerful presentation the hotels provide comfortable designs of the conference rooms and accommodation in the hotel.

Some of the popular conference room designs are:

  • Theater Style: this design includes the chairs lined up in front of the speaker. The rows can be straight or semi- circular.
  • Classroom Style: tables and chairs are laid in front of the speaker.
  • Banquet Style: Guests sit at big and broad round tables.
  • Crescent Style: the furniture is laid in a crescent style.
  • Conference Style: rectangular tables are set and the participants sit on both the sides.
  • U-Shape: the rectangular shaped tables are laid to form an ‘U’.
  • Hollow Rectangle: the tables are arranged in a circular way and a hollow forms in the middle of the tables.